Supporting the Wildflower Capital Initiative

Did you know Western Australia is blessed with over 7000 types of flowering plants? The PLAN E team shared some time with Sharni Howe last week of Sharni Howe Architects, to hear her discuss the ‘WildFlower Capital Initiative’ which celebrates rich & rare indigenous flora.

We talked with Sharni about the term ‘soft urbanism’ and how we have the opportunity to use these wild and wonderful species to create a valid and valuable point of difference in the projects we work on.

Sharni Howe and the PLAN E team

When taking in the urban landscape we often need relief from the hardness of the built environment. Wildflowers offer the opportunity to introduce that much needed ‘softness’ into an area.
With so many varieties in Western Australia to choose from we are somewhat blessed with a wide and wonderful palette that can uniquely tie together the landscape and urban environment to create a sense of place.

The Wildflower Capital Initiative (WCI) has seen Sharni Howe and her team actively promoting the use of wildflowers and six-season planting to create a unique Western Australian identity to landscape architecture throughout the State.

WCI is gaining momentum – the interlacing of wildflowers into landscape design and architecture is underway, new initiatives such as the Historic Heart of Perth project at the east end of the City aims to bring wildflowers into the CBD both via direct planting and creative design in the form of public art, which can be seen in the growing laneway rejuvenation and public open spaces.

The ultimate challenge though is how we continue this progress to see a more permanent change and adaptation to actively use more native flora, and to have native flora inspire and infuse all areas of design from architecture through to products and textiles.

There are certainly examples to be seen across Perth. Kings Park being one of the most important, with its 6 million visitors per year. And while one might expect the popularity of the park to encourage the uptake of native planting in more urban design projects there is still limited desire to showcase wildflowers in urban spaces.

We are proud to call Perth Airport a client and unreservedly support their vision to better represent Western Australia in everything they do. Their selection of native flora is a key part of this philosophy which is proudly showcased in their ‘landscape journey’ from the terminal forecourts along the access roads and through to the Gateway WA project that connects Perth’s eastern suburbs to the airport.

At PLAN E we are keen to play our part as industry leaders in the landscape architecture space and wholeheartedly support Sharni and the wonderful work that the Wildflower Capital Initiative are doing.