The Brook, Byford

Client: Cedar Woods Properties  |  Status: Ongoing

PLAN E was engaged as part of a multidisciplinary team to participate in the site planning and landscape design for this 400 lot estate at the base of the Darling Scarp and adjacent to Byford town centre. The site is blessed with natural features, including undulating topography, Beenyup Brook and it’s associated vegetation corridor, stands of mature eucalypts and a conservation reserve with good quality native vegetation.  These features strongly informed the site planning, and together with the agricultural and brickworks heritage of the area, inspired the landscape design.

The estate features a variety of well-connected open spaces, both large and small, and ranging from conservation areas to intensively developed parks, offering residents a wide choice of recreational opportunities and experiences.  The focal point for the community is the large pavilion located on the edge of the Beenyup Brook Reserve, which has been inspired by local brickworks in both form and materiality.  Machinery plaques salvaged from nearby brickworks are featured in the pavilion and salvaged machinery components are used in public art in the estate, keeping the brickworks heritage alive in this area.

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