Scarborough Beach Pool

Client: City of Stirling  |  Status: Completed 2018

PLAN E was engaged to assist with the development of the Scarborough Beach Pool which is part of the larger Scarborough Hub project. The landscape design takes a minimal and contemporary approach to spaces and materials selection, utilising a clean and simple palette to create an appropriate modern yet relaxed style, complementing both the architecture of the beach pool and the coastal location.

The inclusion of Norfolk Island Pines along the lower promenade strengthens the iconic coastal aesthetic of Scarborough and provides a link to the planting on the upper level. The lower promenade gently sweeps in front of the pool deck with the use of exposed aggregate coloured concrete, retaining the relaxed beach front character.

The timber deck of the pool finishes flush with the lower promenade, providing a strong visual connection allowing expansive views to the beach itself from the pool. The upper promenade wraps around the top of the pool below, creating a number of cantilevered vantage points casting views up and down the coast. A feature shade structure with custom timber benches invite people to sit and immerse themselves in the ambiance and expansive vistas from the upper promenade.

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