Millars Landing Steam Rail Adventure Playground, Baldivis

  • Pavilion and feature train playground

Client: Cedar Woods  |  Status: Completed 2018

Millars Landing residential estate is located east of the historic 1920’s tramway reserve that was planned for the Millars Timber & Trading Co to transport milled timber from the area to Rockingham and Fremantle. This tramway was never built, however the proximity to these historical land uses is where the name ‘Millars Landing’ and the subsequent locomotive playground theme was derived.

Millars Landing Steamrail Adventure Playground features a bespoke locomotive with carriages and ‘fallen’ Jarrah sleepers providing opportunity for climbing and imaginative play.  The “train” is positioned to look as though it has just passed alongside the tall playground tower, partially derailed and lost its cargo.   The tall play tower with 12m tube slide is suggestive of an old steam train water stop tower.

The large playground also offers a variety of other play items suitable for all ages and abilities including accessible swings, double flying fox, slides and musical instruments.  Chunky robust timber sleepers, timber textures and concrete railway sleepers have been incorporated into walls, screens, paving and structures to reinforce the railway theme and history of the site.

The landscape surrounding the playground provides opportunities of enjoyment for the whole community including picnic facilities under bespoke shade structures, artwork, barbecues, seating and turf kick about areas.

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