Land Development

Malvern Springs, Ellenbrook

Client: Ellenbrook Management Pty Ltd  |  Status: Ongoing

Malvern Springs is Ellenbrook’s 6th village, which commenced development in 2006. Located within the north-eastern sector of the site and abutting Lexia Wetland, this was the first village within Ellenbrook that was fully outside of the pine plantation in an area covered by a diversity of natural vegetation and habitats.

The core theme of Malvern Springs was developed around retention of pockets of these diverse habitat types within a linked open space network and the installation of a predominantly endemic landscape within the developed parts of the estate to reinforce the natural character of the site. This approach has resulted in the retention of significant damp lands as well as upland vegetation on an existing hill which is the highest point in the estate, offering panoramic 360-degree views, including sweeping views across the Swan Valley to the Darling Scarp.

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