PLAN E is proactively responding to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and its potential impact on our staff, clients, associates and current projects.

We are confident that our continuing response in a fast-moving situation will enhance our workforces and your safety, maintain a high standard of service and avoid delays to our current projects.

Please find below a summary of PLAN E’s current response for both our Perth and Melbourne Studios.

PLAN E COVID-19 Response 20.03.2020

  • At this stage, our offices are open for business as normal.
  • PLAN E is keeping a close watch on updates from the government as well as from the health department and will take further action accordingly.
  • PLAN E has strict hygiene practices for both the office environment and our staff.
  • PLAN E is reviewing and implementing a “work from home” policy to enable staff, and potentially the entire practice, to work remotely should the need arise. You will still be able to contact our staff as normal when they work remotely either via phone or via virtual means such as Zoom and Skype. Our Clients will be regularly updated on this situation.
  • With regard to meetings at PLAN E, we are discouraging face to face meetings and encouraging teleconferencing wherever possible.
  • With regard to external meetings, we are attending essential meetings only and one staff member only is attending each meeting.
  • Staff displaying any sign of personal illness, or have a family member who is unwell, are required to stay at home and immediately report the situation to PLAN E;
  • In the event a positive COVID-19 case is encountered at PLAN E, all health department protocols shall immediately be put in place.

PLAN E will provide regular updates to keep our clients and associates informed during this challenging time.

Please feel free to contact the Directors at any time should you require additional information.