Health and Aged Care

The design of appropriate landscapes for assisted living, healthcare, aged care and dementia care  is a speciality of our team. Through our extensive experience in this field, we have developed a strong understanding of the needs of residents and take special attention in developing landscapes that promote safe but stimulating social and physical activity. We use our expertise to design landscapes that help promote an active lifestyle, maintain health, enhance well-being and promote recovery.  The outdoor spaces we create provide both mental and physical stimulus which maximise these benefits.


Landscape design for healthcare facilities plays a critical role in “humanising” an otherwise confronting, intimidating and institutional environment usually associated with sickness and bereavement.   Through good landscape design, the anxiety and distress that many visitors and patients experience at hospitals can be reduced, with the gardens providing an opportunity for visual and physical enjoyment that can be therapeutic and stimulating to offer temporary distraction and relief from troubles and cares.

The gardens should imbue a sense of tranquillity, offering a variety of different spaces that provide a refuge for visitors and patients, and an opportunity to connect with nature. Provision of shade and shelter, a variety of seating options, garden ornamentation and both still and moving water are important elements to create an inviting, tranquil environment.

Aged Care

Landscape design for aged residents needs to consider accessibility, aesthetics, comfort and functionality.  Studies show that landscapes which promote and encourage physical and mental well-being, such as walking and socialisation, provide a long-term, beneficial investment.  Provision of easy access to the outdoors that encourages time outside offers many health benefits, whether through purely passive enjoyment by the less able, or more active enjoyment by physically able residents through gardening activities and interesting walking routes.

Our team design quality, durable landscapes that offer attractive, safe, stimulating and engaging spaces for aged care facilities with ease of maintenance a key consideration.   Our clients include the Regis Group, RAAFA Bullcreek, Opal, AEGIS Care and MercyCare. We aim to create a unique environment for each development, as can be seen in the individual projects we have completed.

Health & Aged Care

For more information on the benefits of landscape architecture in Health & Aged Care, download our Capability Statement