PLAN E’s vision is about creating a unique place inspired by the intrinsic natural landscape character and cultural heritage of the site.  We work with the developer to ensure that the landscape treatment of the public realm, including entry statements, streetscape, interface treatments and public open spaces is integral to the branding and presentation of the development through a strong, simple and identifiable theme that has relevance to the place.

Land Development

One of the challenges afforded by greenfield land development is the creation of a distinct and unique landscape character that is reflected in the public realm, built form and broader landscape, providing a sound foundation for placemaking and community development.

PLAN E has been involved in creating communities for land development projects since its inception in 1996. Over this time, we have established an outstanding track record in delivering successful results and many projects have been award winners within industry award programs, including the UDIA and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. Testament to our success is that we have been the Project Landscape Architect on many land development projects from the beginning, being involved in the early planning and feasibility stages and providing input to placemaking, marketing and branding.

Multi residential

Landscape design for multi residential development must be informed and inspired by the contextual location of the development and the form and function of the architecture, to ensure site responsive outcomes that contribute positively to the adjacent neighbourhood and create an attractive, functional and sustainable landscape setting and environment for the development. Legible definition of public and private spaces connected by clear circulation systems, and the provision of a variety of spaces for relaxation, interaction and respite are key design considerations.

With the government-led initiative to deliver increased density living to combat urban sprawl and create more sustainable cities, there has been a surge in apartment developments in recent years. PLAN E aims to create sophisticated, timeless designs for these developments, utilising simple yet high quality materials and furnishings that complement the architecture.


For more information on the benefits of landscape architecture in Communities, download our Capability Statement