PLAN E’s 3D capability bringing design to life

Rottnest Island West End Redevelopment, 3D model – Rhino and Lumion

PLAN E has recently expanded our broad skill set with the development of our 3D visualisation capability. Through the use of a suite of rendering technologies, we are now able to offer our clients the option of generating detailed, realistic 3D imagery and videos that can bring their projects to life during the design stage.
Imagery can be effectively and efficiently produced at a variety of scales from residential landscapes to small public squares to large master planned communities.  This assists in confirming visualising the unique design intent of all our places, developed from a highly experienced and skilled landscape perspective capable of capturing the true essence of each project.
Ambia Southern River, 3D model – Rhino and Lumion
 Drone imagery – Rhino and Lumion

Our 3D visualisation work has recently played a critical role in the development of the Katanning Play Space design and approvals process, and the Hillstowe marketing campaign. This capability further enhances our ability to create brilliant places and deliver outstanding service to our clients.

This assists in confirming visualising the unique design intent of all our places

Hillstowe, Melbourne, 3D model – Rhino and Lumion